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Bartholomew Park Winery


2.75 miles


650 ft

Estimated time to complete

1.5 hours

Dog Sitch

Leashes are required in this park, however, there have been a few instances of people having their dogs off leash. The trails can be narrow at times, so as always, bring a high value snack to help your dog focus and move past any triggers. And remember, leash your pets in areas where leashes are required. It's for the safety of all dogs.

This beautiful hike starts and ends at one of the best wineries in Sonoma Valley. Right off the plaza, Bartholomew Estate Winery has the best park in town, and it been my favorite hike since I was young. You are able to take in views of the bay from the top of the charred mountains, however, the cherry on top of this hike is the little lake, surrounded by a redwood grove. You are able to pack a little lunch and eat at the bench along the lake and enjoy this little moment of serenity with your pup.


The hike is not too long, and can be completed in less than an hour and a half. Dogs are allowed at the Estate (the winery even has a dog "wine" club membership) however, they must be leashed. There have been one or two instances of off leash dogs on the trails, so please be aware of this if your dog is leash reactive and don't hesitate to tell others they need to leash their dogs while you work with your dog. Just this past weekend, I had to ask someone to leash their dogs when they were not recalling. The hike has many ups and downs with narrow, steep gains, so I do have to be very careful with Sadie and ensure she is at my side and loose leash for portions of the hike. 


If you are looking for a nice afternoon hike that can end with a glass of wine at my favorite place in Sonoma, I would recommend going to Bartholomew Park.

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